The Rise of the Mainframe

Posted in May 21, 2015 by Natalia Bedrin

With the recent passage of the IBM System/360's 50th anniversary, companies have been looking back and reevaluating the evolution of their IT environments.

Mainframes have followed a very unusual path in the IT industry, especially in comparison to other technologies. While their obsoletion has been predicted decades ago, research shows that mainframe technologies remain the most stable and robust, as well as having the most reliability and scalability (for meeting ever-rising data storage needs while maintaining its security). The mainframe offers all of these benefits while also saving the business costs, as evidenced by the technology's continuous use by banks, financial institutions, and other industries.

As other platforms are reaching their limit on maintaining large amounts of data securely and without performance reduction, the mainframe has only been improving and becoming more relevant to businesses worldwide.

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