Announcing Web Interface

Posted in October 19, 2015 by Natalia Bedrin

GFS Software is very excited to announce our newest development: GFS/Web Interface.

All of GFS’s current and future customers will be able to enjoy the new module, as it is a functional add-on that interfaces with all installed GFS solutions. GFS/Web Interface is a unique product that allows the user emulate their entire mainframe environment on any web browser, allowing for complete control over the physical and virtual tape library from anywhere with an Internet connection.

The user can query any set of volumes through their browser, obtaining the resulting output through real-time synchronization, and displayed through a customizable medium of their choice. It is now possible to check the status of the tape library, obtain information down to the desired level of detail, and access and manage the tape library in one seamless control center.

Web Interface offers a unique, powerful, and user-friendly set of features that make it indispensable to any business with a tape library.

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